Sinus Lift


What is a Sinus Lift & Why Do I Need One?

Many people who have lost teeth in their upper jaw—particularly the back teeth, or molars—have a very thin upper jaw. This can be due to age, congenital formation, or the length of time the teeth have been missing. In order for a dental implant to be successful, it must be placed in adequate amounts of bone. A sinus lift is a special procedure oral and maxillofacial surgeons use when they need to add bone to the upper jaw. Normally the maxillary sinus membrane (the floor of the sinus cavity next to your nose) sits on top of the upper jaw bone. To make room for more bone, the sinus membrane has to be moved, or “lifted,” allowing your surgeon to make the bone “taller” above the teeth. This ensures a more solid foundation for your dental implant. The sinus lift is done during the bone grafting surgery and does not require extra recovery time or action on your part.


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