Cary Had Dental Implants

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Hi! My name is Cary. I live in Santa Rosa, and I came in to Dr. Tyko to have an implant done. I had a cracked tooth and so I went to a dentist who performed a root canal and then I subsequently cracked the root, and at that point it was necessary to get an implant. The front office staff seemed very professional and congenial and helpful and friendly. Interactions with the doctor were, I would characterize them as highly professional. He projected confidence. Made me feel confident, made me feel comfortable that he was going to do an excellent job. I would recommend Dr. Tyko to my friends in Sonoma County in Sonoma, Petaluma, Rohnert Park just due to the excellent professional care and attention that Dr. Tyko and his staff provide.

-Cary, Dental Implant Patient

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