General Extraction Testimonials


Name: Patty
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

Wonderful experience. Absolutely wonderful. I will be coming back again for another oral extraction. This time I will have no hibbie jibbies. I would highly recommend anyone who needs extraction or any oral work done to come in to this oral surgery center.


Name: Michelle
Procedure: Mother of General Extraction Patient

Having my second son come in to need of having extractions as well, we of course contacted Santa Rosa Oral Surgery again and of course had a great experience again and had my younger son’s teeth extracted which was again a great experience.


Name: Ethan & Jessica
Procedure: General Extraction Patient & Mother

They were very friendly, put my mind at ease taking my three year old to get a tooth extraction was a little bit nerve wracking. He made me very comfortable and he was very friendly and nice. The staff made it very comfortable.


Name: Diane

Procedure: General Extraction Patient

I’ve had a history of multiple dental problems, good experiences, bad experiences, extractions, surgery, root canal. I feel like I kind of judge practices as best as I can as a nurse and he passed everything A+ in my book.


Name: Bob
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

Everybody is professional, funny, friendly, puts you right at ease. Dr. Daniel one of the better dentists I’ve ever come in contact with. Took away the nervousness you know because everybody is scared coming in having a teeth pulled.


Name: Aidan
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

I feel fine and I can finally eat without having to worry about any baby teeth. The staff treated me very, very well. They were great. They were very nice. It seemed like they really heard. If I have friends in Santa Rosa, Windsor I would recommend them to go to Dr. Tyko. He is the best.


Name: David
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

Both my daughter and I had a great experience with him having it removed. Even the aftercare was wonderful and the staff is great. I have lived in Sebastopol for several years and in the area of Sonoma County all my life.


Name: Newton
Procedure: General Extraction Patient

I developed cancer in my mouth, my gums, my tongue, my head, my throat. They used chemo to the maximum and in doing so they destroyed my teeth, destroyed the roots of my teeth so that later my teeth would just literally break off at the gum. So I was seeing my normal dentist about this problem and he said they will after all be removed and he recommended Dr. Daniel to deal with it. Dr. Daniel was very professional, put me at ease very quickly, very professional office.