Aidan Had Extractions

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So my name is Aidan, and I come from Petaluma. I came to see Dr. Tyko because I had these three teeth in my mouth that were just really, really bugging me. Some of them are just growing over my adult teeth. Every time I went to go eat food, I would start to get really nervous because I would sometimes feel my teeth--they would be, like, in the wrong place because my teeth were going to be, like, forced out. So then I went to go see Dr. Tyko. After that I felt really good, except I felt a little numb. He gave me a few shots and took my teeth out. And now I feel fine, and I can finally eat without having to worry about any baby teeth. The staff treated me very, very well. They were great. They were very nice. It seemed like they really heard. If I have friends in Santa Rosa, Windsor, I would recommend them to go to Dr. Tyko. He is the best.

-Aidan, General Extraction Patient

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