Bob Had A Tooth Extracted

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My first name is Bob, and I am from Santa Rosa. Last time I went to see the dentist, my kidneys failed on me. I just haven’t been back, been scared, been nervous. I was in terrible pain when I came in. Four teeth needed to be pulled out. I've been here 27 years ago. It's the same atmosphere as it was 27 years ago. People are great. Everybody is professional, funny, friendly, puts you right at ease. Dr. Daniels is one of the better dentists I've ever come in contact with. Took away the nervousness, you know, because everybody is scared coming in having teeth pulled. I had to take pain pills for about two days afterwards. I threw away the rest of the pills. If you ever need a tooth pulled out and you’re in the Petaluma, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, even if you’re out in the Sonoma Coast. Dr. Daniels and the people around, they take good care of you. This is a good place to come.

-Bob, General Extraction Patient

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