Diane Had A General Tooth Removal

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My name is Diane. I’ve lived in Rohnert Park for about seventeen years. I’ve had three extractions per Dr. Daniel in the Rohnert Park office. He was referred to me by a dentist in Petaluma, a Jonathan Philbock. The first time I came in here to make an appointment, the office was very welcoming, very clean and neat, extremely personable, professional. Receptionist treated me, made me feel comfortable right away, and when I met Dr. Daniel for the first consult, he was extremely warm, extremely personable, listened to what my concerns were with dental issues. I’ve had a history of multiple dental problems, good experiences, bad experiences, extractions, surgery, root canal. I feel like I kind of judge practices as best as I can as a nurse, and he passed everything A+ in my book. If somebody asked my opinion because they wanted my knowledge from my experience even as far down Petaluma or Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, there is not enough I can say about his practice. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

-Diane, General Extraction Patient

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