Jessica’s Son Ethan Had A Tooth Removed

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Jessica from Santa Rosa. My son was having issues. He had like an abscess in his tooth so it needed to get extracted. They were very friendly, put my mind at ease taking my three-year-old to get a tooth extraction was a little bit nerve wracking. I like Dr. Trent. He gave me a toy. He made me very comfortable and he was very friendly and nice. The staff made it very comfortable. They were very friendly, just kind of put my mind at ease. They gave him a little drink before the procedure, kind of made him a little woozy and they gave him a little oxygen and nitrous oxide for his nose. As soon as they took him off that, he was normal. He was perfectly fine. He made me feel better. I didn’t even have to give him any Infant Advil or Tylenol so he was doing well. I have friends in Petaluma, Windsor, Rohnert Park, basically all around Sonoma County, and I would definitely recommend they would come here to Dr. David Trent’s office. He just made it very comfortable for a new patient and a nervous mom.

-Jessica & Ethan, General Extraction Patient & Mother

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