Newton had the General Extraction Procedure

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My first name is Newton. I live in Santa Rosa, California. Dr. Daniel was recommended to me by my family dentist, Dr. Ostrowski. Previous health situation that I had required that all of my teeth be removed. I developed cancer in my mouth, my gums, my tongue, my head, my throat. They used chemo to the maximum, and in doing so, they destroyed my teeth, destroyed the roots of my teeth so that later my teeth would just literally break off at the gum. So I was seeing my normal dentist about this problem, and he said they would have to all be removed, and he recommended Dr. Daniel to deal with it. Dr. Daniel was very professional, put me at ease very quickly, very professional office. I have friends, and if those friends have the need of the type of treatment that I received, I would definitely recommend Dr. Daniel.

-Newton, General Tooth Extraction Patient

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