Patty Had Extractions

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Hi! I’m Patty Ramos. I was referred to Dr. Trent by my dentist Dr. Phillips. I hate the dentist as eight broken jaw teeth will attest to. This office was so warm, friendly. They sat me down; they explained what they were doing. When Dr. Trent came in, he also went over what he was doing, why he was doing it. The day I came in, I still got the hibbie jibbies because I hate the dentist. The office just totally relaxed me in my chair. Dr. Trent came in explained everything, asked if I had any questions. Pretty soon he’s saying, “It’s done. Are you okay?” Wonderful experience. Absolutely wonderful. I will be coming back again for another oral extraction. This time I will have no hibbie jibbies. I would highly recommend anyone who needs extraction or any oral work done to come in to this oral surgery center. From Petaluma, Windsor, as far away as fifty miles, it will be well worth your gas to come in here for your oral surgery needs.

-Patty, General Extraction Patient

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