Abby Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

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My name is Abby. I’m from Santa Rosa. I was referred to Dr. Tyko to get my wisdom teeth removed by my dentist, Dr. Postle. I was really nervous about the whole surgery because I’ve never actually had surgery before and I’ve never gone under. Everybody here was really friendly which really helped me get through all of this. The staff were all really friendly; each one that I met were all very helpful. Even though I was nervous the entire time, they gave me no reason to be nervous. Dr. Tyko was outstanding. He was very confident in what he was doing and made sure that I didn’t have any worries or doubts about him at all. My recovery time was outstanding. I got back on my feet within two days. I barely had to use the prescribed pain meds at all. If I had friends in Santa Rosa, Windsor, Petaluma, Sebastopol who needed their wisdom teeth removed, I would definitely have them come to Dr. Tyko. It was just really great.

-Abby, Wisdom Tooth Patient

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