Carol’s Son Had The Wisdom Teeth Procedure

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Hi! My name is Carol. I work for a children’s dentist, Dr. Berger and Van Cleeve. My son, who is about twenty-two years old, phoned me while I was in vacation in Chicago, thinking he had strep throat. That was ruled out. Then he figured it was his teeth and so I sent him over to see Dr. Berger where they took a panel, diagnosed it. He really needed to have his wisdom teeth extracted right away--they were infected. So I told him right away, “Come on over to Santa Rosa Oral Surgery.” They were great. They took care of him. Couple days later, he was up ad back, ready to go have a taco. Our office, we refer all the kids that need to have oral surgery needs over to this office. We have a great rapport with them. We know that they are going to be taken care of, and I knew that he would be taken care of. They are a great staff here, from the front to the people in the back that take care of them. Dr. Tyko was awesome. We’re very confident with Santa Rosa Oral Surgery.

-Carol, Mother of Wisdom Tooth Patient

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