Devin Had The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

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My name is Devin. I’m from Santa Rosa. I came to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. I thought I had strep throat or something. I went to Steve Berger. They checked me out, and they saw that I had two wisdom teeth that needed to get pulled. They sent me over to Dr. Tyko, came in here and got my teeth pulled. The staff was really good. They calmed me down pretty well. I was really nervous coming in. I don’t really like anything getting poked around in my mouth, especially getting teeth pulled, and I really don’t like the word surgery at all. They made it really easy. All of my friends, everyone from Sonoma County, Santa Rosa--everywhere--I would definitely recommend them to come see Dr. Tyko. He is the best.

-Devin, Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient

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