GiGi Had Wisdom Teeth Removed & Gum Surgery

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Hello! My name is GiGi. I had my wisdom teeth removed. My orthodontist, Dr. Wear, informed me to come here because he thought Dr. Tyko was one of the best oral surgeons. It was a great experience getting my wisdom teeth removed here with Dr. Tyko because he helps you through the process and tells you what he’s doing. I don’t like needles. I kind of freaked out when they are doing the IV process and one of the nurses came over to my side and said “just breath it through; it will be over in just a second.” He made sure I was healthy through the surgery process. Through the recovery process, they were always there if I needed to talk to them if something was going wrong. With the help of them, I was able to have a perfect mouth. I live in Sebastopol and I have friends all around the county, and I definitely recommend Dr. Tyko because he is the best.

-GiGi, Wisdom Tooth Extraction Patient

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