Michelle Had The Wisdom Teeth Procedure

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Hi! My name is Michelle from Sebastopol, California, and I came to see Dr. Tyko to have my wisdom teeth taken out. I came later in life because I was a little apprehensive and coming here to see Dr. Tyko he reassured me and made me feel so comfortable with having them removed. After having mine, I felt so good with the office and the staff and Dr. Tyko here that when my daughter had to have her wisdom teeth removed, I brought her here. Being a mother of a child having wisdom teeth pulled, you’re a little apprehensive and nervous coming in, and hearing Dr. Tyko explain everything again was even more reassuring as a mom. Both my daughter and I had a great experience with him having them removed. Even the aftercare was wonderful and the staff is great. I have lived in Sebastopol for several years and in the area of Sonoma County all my life. Anyone that would need to have their wisdom teeth and any extractions or anything, I would highly recommend them, come and see Dr. Tyko their staff and him they are just amazing and his rapport with us was wonderful.

-Michelle, Wisdom Tooth Patient

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