Bone Grafting: Prepare Your Jaw for Implants

Have you been excitedly reading up on dental implants and the advantages they may offer you? If you answer, “yes” to this question and also suffer from jawbone deterioration, you may feel a bit hesitant to schedule an appointment to discuss choosing implants to replace your missing teeth. Patients often worry a consultation will prove to be a waste of time or that they may find themselves embarrassed if implants do not offer an option. Fortunately, we offer bone grafting for patients in need of restored jaw health and volume.

What Causes Jawbone Deterioration?

Your jaw may lose some of its bone tissue as the result of tooth loss. You see, when you lose a tooth, you no longer have roots. Those roots once stimulated your jawbone, which sent a signal to your body to supply nutrients to keep the bone strong. Losing those roots immediately ends that stimulation, often resulting in a lack of nutrients and subsequent deterioration. Tooth  loss commonly occurs due to infection or gum disease.

Why Is This A Problem If I Want Implants?

You need a full, healthy jawbone if you want dental implants. Why? Your jawbone provides complete support to the titanium posts. If your jawbone is damaged, it may not offer sufficient support, which means your implant will not be able to fuse with an adequate amount of bone tissue to the extent necessary to replace your tooth.

Bone Grafting Can Help

Rest assured, we will offer bone grafting to improve your ability to receive dental implants. Bone grafting is a procedure that will allow us to rebuild your tissue (or promote the regeneration of tissue) so your jawbone can support implants. We will graft – or add/attach – additional bone tissue to your jawbone. A successful graft will improve the height and width of your jawbone, which means implants become an option for your tooth replacement.


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