Dental Implant Candidacy: Your FAQs

Have you done enough research into the details of implants to determine that they sound like a wonderful solution for your tooth loss? If so, have you begun the process of speaking with us about treatment or are you hesitating? We often find that patients feel excited about the exceptional benefits of dental implants but worry they will not qualify as candidates. Rather than assuming particular concerns will disqualify you, we would like to reassure you that most patients are actually well suited to this prosthetic solution. For answers to questions we commonly receive regarding this topic, we have gathered the following Q&A session. For the additional details you seek regarding candidacy, consider the following and remember to schedule a consultation:

Frequently Asked Questions About Implant Candidacy

Question: I have struggled with periodontal disease but would like dental implants. Does my damaged jawbone mean I will need to choose a different prosthetic?

Answer: Fortunately, we offer a variety of treatments to improve the health of your smile if you desire implants. This may include oral surgery, such as bone grafting or a sinus lift, to prepare your oral cavity for implant placement.

Question: I’m hoping to restore my smile immediately. Can I achieve this with dental implants?

Answer: No, implants require a lengthier course of treatment than other dental prosthetics. If you feel you are ready for the recovery process, which includes the bonding of your implant to your jawbone over the course of approximately 6 weeks to 16 weeks, then you may make an excellent candidate.

Question: Can you replace my child’s tooth with a dental implant?

Answer: The answer depends on your child’s age. We can only offer an implant to your child if he or she is 18 or older. This is because children’s jawbones are continuing to develop as they age. However, we suggest you schedule a visit for your child immediately, so we may begin planning a solution for the missing tooth.


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