Dental Implants And Your Smile Alignment

Dealing with tooth loss can have a widespread effect on your smile. Beyond the obvious fact that most patients feel unhappy with the appearance of open spaces in their grins is a list of additional complications that may arise. Did you know that neglecting tooth loss might actually result in the misalignment of your smile? Fortunately, dental implants can protect the alignment of your teeth, which may yield oral health benefits beyond safeguarding the esthetic value of your smile. Ready to learn more about this aspect of choosing implants? Consider the following information:

How Tooth Loss Affects Your Alignment

When you lose a tooth you are left with an open space in your mouth. Rather than remaining in their current alignment, your teeth will begin migrating into the open space. This is problematic when you are missing one tooth but can become dramatic when you are missing multiple teeth. Once your teeth shift, you may find that your smile no longer looks uniform – in addition, you may also recognize that your upper and lower teeth no longer fit comfortably together, which can disrupt your ability to chew effectively.

How Dental Implants Protect Your Smile

What you need when you lose a tooth is a placeholder as well as the visual completion of your smile. Dental implants provide both. By replacing your tooth from root to crown, you can expect your surrounding teeth to remain in place, preventing your alignment from becoming disrupted. We will restore the beauty of your smile, while ensuring you do not require additional treatments to deal with subsequent complications.

More Than Just Cosmetic?

As you have noticed, replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant has more than just a cosmetic effect. Beyond protecting the consistent appearance of an aligned smile, you may avoid problems that commonly occur due to misalignment, such as bruxism (teeth grinding) and TMJ disorder (jaw joint dysfunction), so your oral health remains intact, as well.


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