Prepping For Implants: Your Questions

So, you have discovered the exciting world of implants, dental prosthetics that assist in restoring your entire tooth from root to crown. While you may feel overjoyed to have found the teeth replacement solution you have been seeking, you may need to cool your jets for a moment before making a final decision. You see, some patients make excellent candidates for dental implants, while others may need to put in a little extra time and effort before qualifying. To find out where you land on the spectrum of preparedness for implants, do yourself a favor and take a look at the following question and answer session. Remember, we encourage you to visit us regardless of your candidacy, so we can guide you toward a solution that will help complete your smile.

Q&A Session: Dental Implant Candidacy

Question: How do I know if I qualify?

Answer: Before you know if you qualify, you will need to visit us for an examination. We will discuss your daily habits with you, as well as your overall health. Your visit will also include the use of advanced imaging, so we can take a close look at what’s happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. Dental implants require a strong jawbone for support. In addition, we place implants through a surgical procedure, which means you will need to be fit for surgery.

Question: What if my jawbone has deteriorated?

Answer: Fortunately, we offer treatments that can help rejuvenate your jawbone’s volume and strength. Bone grafting is a treatment in which we graft additional bone tissue onto damaged areas. This will assist in restoring volume, while sometimes encouraging your jawbone to regenerate tissue. We may also offer a sinus lift, which will allow us to make room for additional tissue on your upper jaw if you have suffered from damage.

Question: I want a fast treatment – are implants right for me?

Answer: If you are looking for an accelerated treatment to restore your smile, you will need to look into other prosthetic solutions. However, if you are ready to undergo a somewhat extended journey, dental implants offer wonderful, long-lasting tooth replacement results. Recovery after surgery will typically take three to four months. For some, treatment may take approximately a year until the entire process is complete.


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