Reasons We Suggest Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may feel pretty certain that third molars are teeth that erupt when your teen years are behind you. You may also feel quite sure that most people you know have undergone wisdom teeth removal to promote oral health. However, you may not know much more about these teeth or why they are so commonly removed. On a more personal note, your thoughts may have recently turned to whether the extraction of these teeth is something you will need to undergo. To learn more, begin by considering the following about why we suggest the removal of wisdom teeth. In the meantime, schedule an appointment with us, so we can take a closer look at your smile to determine whether this service may be appropriate for you, as well.

They Are Impacted

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, we may suggest its removal. Not sure what this means? An impacted tooth is one that has not completely erupted. This can occur because the tooth is blocked by other teeth. In some cases, the tooth will erupt slightly but not fully. Your tooth may remain beneath bone tissue, as well. These forms of impaction may result in discomfort and even infection. Keep in mind, impacted wisdom teeth are quite common, so you are not the only person who is dealing with this concern. Fortunately, wisdom teeth removal can alleviate or prevent discomfort, while promoting excellent oral health.

They Are Growing In On An Angle

Your wisdom teeth may be set to develop and on a path toward erupting. However, if they are positioned on an angle, this can mean serious problems for your alignment and your comfort. A tooth that is headed for other teeth is one that will need to be removed. Fortunately, with dental checkups we can identify these types of concerns with advanced imaging like digital X-rays. We may then plan your wisdom teeth removal before complications arise.


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