All About Surgery Day: Your FAQs

The day of your oral surgery is a wonderful day. You are ready to embark on a journey that will improve your oral health, so you can enjoy daily comfort, function, and often a smile that looks just as wonderful as it feels. However, we understand if you’re feeling some last minute jitters before your appointment. It’s a big – albeit highly beneficial – decision you have made to safeguard your oral health. To make sure you feel comfortable about your upcoming visit, we are happy to answer some common questions about what you can expect.

Surgery Day FAQs

Question: How will I know what to do before my surgery?

Answer: We will speak with you about what to expect and will provide you with instructions for pre-surgery preparation, so you won’t have to remember all of the details on your own.

Question: Will I need a ride home from my surgery?

Answer: Yes, you will most likely need a friend or loved one to drive you home after your oral surgery, whether you’re undergoing a treatment that requires general anesthesia or conscious sedation. Keep in mind that we offer a variety of amenities for the person who accompanies you to your visit (such as free WiFi and refreshments).

Question: What should I wear?

Answer: The best decision you can make is to show up in something that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t wear anything that bothers you, feels scratchy, or feels particularly restrictive. You should strive to feel relaxed.

Question: Can I eat a meal before my appointment?

Answer: If you are receiving general anesthesia for your oral surgery, we may instruct you to avoid eating and drinking for a particular amount of time before your surgery. In most instances, the cutoff time is midnight.


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