Protecting Your Smile From Tooth Loss

Dealing with tooth loss is something that happens to many adults. Fortunately, you are not alone and you have many options within reach to complete your smile. For example, we offer dental implants to restore your teeth from roots to crown. While you should feel excited and confident about making choices to replace your teeth, you may also find yourself wondering what you can do to prevent future tooth loss. By becoming familiar with details regarding preventive care and what might cause you to lose your tooth, you’ll become a pro at keeping your smile in excellent health in no time.

Common Reasons for Tooth Loss

Rest assured, your teeth are strong and restorative dentistry offers many treatments to repair an unhealthy or damaged tooth. However, certain problems may progress too far (or damage may become too severe) for you to keep your tooth. In some cases, such as impacts from sports, an accident that severely breaks your tooth may be difficult to avoid. In other cases, your tooth may become extremely ill as the result of gum disease or an infection. These are progressive illnesses that are often completely avoidable with consistent preventive care.

How To Protect Your Smile

Prevention, prevention, prevention. Your best solution when it comes to preventing tooth loss is keeping problems from arising in the first place. If you’re worried about strong impacts, you may consider an athletic guard that can protect your teeth in high-risk situations. As for oral disease, such as tooth decay or periodontal problems, your answer is easy:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Floss once daily
  • Schedule six-month preventive visits for dental cleanings and checkups
  • If something goes wrong with your tooth, address it immediately rather than waiting (which may leave you requiring a tooth removal and then a tooth replacement solution like dental implants)

What To Do About Tooth Loss

Speak with us about the open space in your mouth right away. We understand that you may feel embarrassed but we urge you to understand our perspective: Helping you enjoy a comfortable, complete smile and improved confidence is what we do. We see your smile as a challenge with exceptional potential and look forward to offering solutions that guide you back toward optimal health and comfort.


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