Children And Dental Implants

You may feel completely filled in and confident about the benefits of dental implants and adult candidacy. However, when it comes to the oral health of your child, you are already well aware that a developing smile does not always qualify for the same treatments as Mom or Dad’s smile. We understand that protecting the beauty and completeness of your child’s smile is your top priority, which is why we are happy to clarify the role implants may play in replacing your son or daughter’s tooth. Become familiar with the particulars and, as always, please contact us, so we may offer your child a consultation and personalized treatment plan.

Can My Child Receive An Implant?

The answer to this question is not black or white. First, we can say definitively that we cannot provide dental implants to young children because their jawbones are still in the process of developing. We must wait until your child’s smile is fully mature before we can place an implant.

What Is The Qualifying Age?

This may vary from child to child. However, the qualifying age for implant placement typically includes 18 years for girls. For boys, the qualifying age is usually a bit older.

Why Might My Child Need A Dental Implant?

Perhaps your child’s permanent tooth fails to develop and you are left searching for a lasting prosthetic. Maybe your little one’s tooth becomes seriously injured or has been removed. Whatever the case, dental implants offer an excellent solution once your child becomes a candidate.

What If My Child Is Still Too Young?

Don’t lose hope – we will guide you toward a replacement solution for the time being. We encourage you to visit us right away, so we can determine what is happening with your child’s smile, while crafting a care plan tailored to your son or daughter’s needs.


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