Wisdom Teeth Removal For Your Child

You may be surprised to learn that in most cases, the earlier you schedule wisdom teeth removal for your child, the better. While you may have trouble believing your teen is even old enough to be developing third molars, you may find yourself caught off-guard at the idea of setting up a time for oral surgery. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, allow us to provide answers to your inquiries, so you can feel confident about this decision to protect your child’s oral health.

Q&A: Wisdom Teeth Removal For Your Son or Daughter

Question: How do I know if my child needs wisdom teeth removal?

Answer: We will examine your son or daughter’s smile, usually with the use of digital X-rays and a CT scan, to determine whether the teeth are on-track for healthy development or require removal.

Question: Is the removal of wisdom teeth really necessary?

Answer: If your child’s teeth are impacted or develop on an angle, the result may include periodontal disease, misalignment, cavities, infection, and other disease.

Question: Why remove the teeth now rather than later in my son or daughter’s adulthood?

Answer: Younger, newer teeth are softer and have shorter roots. As your child ages, the roots of the wisdom teeth become longer, while the jaw tissue surrounding the roots becomes more challenging to work with. This makes the removal of the teeth more difficult.

Question: Will my child feel comfortable during the procedure? Does it take a long time?

Answer: Yes, the comfort of each one of our patients is always of the utmost importance. First, we will numb the target site with local anesthesia, as well as surrounding tissues. We also offer a variety of anesthesia options, including nitrous oxide or IV sedation, depending on your child’s unique needs. Fortunately, wisdom teeth removal is quite efficient, generally lasting 30 to 40 minutes.


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