Your Guide To Tooth Extractions

Learning that the best solution for your smile is a tooth extraction can come as a bit of a shock. Fortunately, once you become familiar with the reasons behind this suggestion and the many benefits, it’s easy to understand that protecting your oral health is the number one goal. Once you’re on board, we recognize that you may feel curious about what to expect – with that comes a list of common questions. To get yourself started in preparing for your visit, we invite you stroll through the ins-and-outs of extractions, so you feel educated and certain about your smile’s future.

Planning Your Extraction

It’s important for you to realize that, like any treatment, we take the planning of your tooth extraction seriously because your smile is unique. The location of your tooth and the particular reason for removal both come into play. After examining your smile and speaking with you, we will also take a series of digital X-rays for closer inspection. Once we have mapped out your smile and the tooth in question, we can create a strategic care plan tailored to your smile for efficient treatment that typically requires a single visit.

Protecting Your Comfort

Your comfort is extremely important to us. You should feel very happy to be able to protect your oral health with a tooth extraction. All you need to do is make sure you show up and we will take care of the rest. We take a comprehensive approach to your comfort, ensuring the tooth and surrounding area is numb. We also provide a selection of anesthesia options, so you can enjoy a deeply relaxed procedure.

Replacing Your Tooth

Worrying about the state of your smile after your tooth extraction? There’s no need — we will discuss your options for replacing your tooth ahead of time. In many cases, we can remove your tooth and then replace it with a dental implant within the same visit.


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