Implants: Test Your Knowledge

Are you a patient who has begun the exciting process of learning about tooth replacement options? If so, chances are good that you will find yourself extremely interested in implants as a result of their many benefits. Already somewhat familiar with the advantages of dental implants but you aren’t quite sure how much more there is to discover? Take a quick break from all of that research and quiz yourself. Then, schedule a visit with us for a more detailed explanation of how implants may work to improve your unique experience with tooth loss.

Dental Implant True-or-False Quiz

  1. True or False: A dental implant is a tooth replacement option that will rest above your gum tissue, replacing the visible part of your missing tooth only.
  2. True or False: You will need adequate jawbone volume and strength to support a dental implant. If your jaw is damaged, we can often help you restore the tissue, so you qualify for implants.
  3. True or False: Recovery for dental implants only takes about a week or two, so it’s a very fast process.

Implant Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. An implant is a post that we insert into your jawbone. Typically crafted of titanium, it sits within your jaw tissue and gum tissue, replacing your tooth’s roots. The implant anchors a crown, which replaces the visible part of your missing tooth.
  2. True. You need a healthy jaw for implants. If you have suffered damage, we may provide you with gum grafting to restore your jaw health, so you may qualify for implants.
  3. False. Choosing dental implants requires a somewhat lengthy recovery period of at least several months. However, the benefits include exceptional stability and long-term wear that may last a lifetime.


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