Reasons To Address Overcrowding

Do your teeth overlap one another? Have you been diagnosed with overcrowding? If so, this means that your teeth are misaligned as the result of too little space in your smile. Due to the limited space, your teeth crowd against (and over) one another rather than resting side-by-side. Fortunately, this is a common problem that orthodontic care can fix. In many cases, your treatment may include dental extractions to make room to guide your teeth into alignment. While this may sound like a significant amount of work, the shift is important. We encourage you to become familiar with some compelling reasons to address your overcrowding.

Reasons #1: To Beautify Your Smile

If you take a look in the mirror and feel dissatisfied by your overlapping teeth, making the decision to align your smile is a wonderful choice. Patients often fail to realize that their appearance strongly influences their confidence. Subsequently, a beautiful smile may cause you to feel better about yourself, improving your ability to push yourself toward your potential.

Reason #2: To Promote Better Hygiene

Dental extractions and orthodontic treatment to address overcrowding can improve your daily dental hygiene. Attempting to brush every single tooth surface – and floss between teeth – can become extremely challenging when your teeth are quite crowded. Fix the problem and brushing and flossing become simple and effective.

Reason #3: To Avoid Damage And Disorders

Overcrowding is one type of a poorly balanced bite that can result in significant problems. For instance, you may suffer from teeth grinding (bruxism). Or, the strain of attempting to align your teeth may result in jaw joint disorder (TMD). Agreeing to dental extractions and further treatment may ultimately protect you from long-term damage.


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