Protecting Your Implants This Halloween

Are you typically quite careful with your smile because you want it to look and feel wonderful for a long time? If you have implants, then your commitment to maintaining optimal oral health is certainly worth the effort. Unfortunately, you may find that when holidays like Halloween roll around, your exceptional dedication begins to wane. Don’t worry – you don’t have to throw all of your hard work out the window. We encourage you to consider some simple explanations and suggestions that will help you protect your dental implants this October 31st.

Bacteria Love Sugar, Too

We understand the desire to indulge, particularly during holidays like Halloween when you are surrounded by delicious goodies. Rather than banning yourself from a little enjoyment – or consuming candy with reckless abandon – we suggest you consider a solid middle-of-the-road approach. You see, when you eat sugar, the bacteria in your mouth feed on that sugar, too, which leaves your smile more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.

Your Quick Fixes

The solution? Eat candy in single sittings, rather than throughout the day. After you eat it, rinse your mouth. Then, brush your smile 30 minutes later to protect your dental implants, teeth, and gum tissue. You should also make sure you’re drinking water, which rinses away bacteria and sugar particles from your mouth – on Halloween or otherwise, water is always the best beverage of choice for protecting your smile and dental implants. It’s a wonderful help when you’re on the go without access to a toothbrush.

Avoid The Sticky Candy

Your dental implant restorations, such as your dental crowns, are quite durable and resilient. However, the extremely sticky candies tend to coat your teeth with sugar – some may even damage or dislodge a restoration. Do yourself a favor and skip anything that seems like it could easily affix itself to your crown.


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