Q&A: Curious About Implants?  

We usually find that the more a patient learns about implants, the more they want to know about treatment. The good news is that we are happy to answer just about any inquiry that pops into your mind. The more you know about this extremely effective tooth replacement solution, the easier it will be for you to recognize the value in its benefits. It is important that you remember we make time during visits and consultations to address your concerns or clear up confusion. However, for now, we would like to immediately address some frequent questions about dental implants with answers that may help you feel more certain as you make plans to restore your smile.

Q&A: Dental Implants

Question: What makes dental implants the most stable tooth replacement option?

Answer: An implant and its restoration make up the only treatment that restores your entire tooth. Other prosthetics, such as traditional bridges and dentures, restore the portion of your tooth that rests above your gumline – but they do not replace your roots. An implant (and prosthetic tooth) restore your roots and the visible part of your tooth. Since this tooth replacement receives anchored support from your jawbone, it offers exceptional stability.

Question: What makes an implant restoration look so natural?

Answer: We typically restore a dental implant with a dental crown composed of a lifelike material, such as porcelain or zirconia. These materials display properties similar to natural teeth. They are composed of multiple layers of translucent material, for example, similar to your tooth’s construction. They also reflect light in a similar fashion. Finally, we match the color of the restoration to surrounding teeth.

Question: Are dental implants a new fad or is this something that has grown a solid reputation over time?

Answer: No, implants are not a trend. In fact, they have provided patients with a stable tooth replacement solution for more than 20 years.


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