Need an Extraction? Don’t Worry; It Can Help

Worried that you may need an extraction? Many patients require extractions at one point or another. While they may sound scary, they’re actually relatively simple procedures that can help leave you feeling more comfortable and confident with your smile. So, whether you’re tired of dealing with dental pain and want to find out, for sure, if an extraction is necessary, or have already been told you need one, take a deep breath and rest assured, an extraction is nothing to be afraid of; in fact, it is often the very best way to restore your smile!

How Does an Extraction Work?

During an extraction, anesthesia will be used to keep a patient comfortable. The tooth will then carefully be removed. Unless the situation merits oral surgery, as is often the case with wisdom tooth removal, most people are able to return to normal, non-strenuous activities within a day.

You may experience some discomfort initially, but this should subside quickly as the empty tooth socket begins to heal. Your dentist can then help you determine which form of tooth replacement is ideal for your situation. Dentures are popular, but dental bridges or dental implants are favorable for many patients, as they can provide added stability and comfort.

Unless the missing tooth was a wisdom tooth, you should consider replacing it quickly, not just for esthetic purposes but because a prosthetic can help you maintain your current jaw’s structure. Without a replacement tooth, your remaining teeth may shift out of alignment, causing problems for the rest of your smile.

Why Prompt Treatment Is Necessary

It is important to note that prompt restorative treatment, such as a filling to treat a simple cavity, or root canal treatment in the case of an infection, can often prevent the need for an extraction. These are considered less invasive measures, as any time you can save your existing tooth this is preferable to extracting one and then replacing it.


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