Need Wisdom Tooth Removal? What You Should Know: Part One

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Are you worried, because you have never had a tooth extracted before? Well wisdom teeth removal is often fairly simple, and your oral surgeon will be careful to ensure you are comfortable both before and during the procedure. Still, knowing a bit more about how the procedure works might put your mind at ease. Most importantly, it is important remember that an extraction is often the best way to stop the pain you have been feeling as those teeth begin to erupt.

Why Wisdom Teeth Can Be Problematic, and How an Extraction Can Help

You may already know that wisdom teeth tend to erupt during one’s late teens or early adulthood. What you may not know is why this can be problematic. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, which often leaves them without enough room.

Whether blocked by another tooth, or even other bone mass, partially or fully impacted teeth can be incredibly painful, and that is only one of the problems that can be created. Because of the overcrowding, it can be difficult to properly care for the teeth, which can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria, which can in turn lead to infection or even gum disease. The crowding can also cause damage to adjacent teeth, and may eventually affect one’s alignment or jaw health.

In the case of wisdom teeth, in particular, extraction is often the best way to restore the oral health and protect the remaining teeth’s alignment.


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