3 Tips For Post-Surgery Success

After your oral surgery, you will follow our instructions, of course, which will ensure you recover successfully. Whether you visit us for an extraction, dental implant, jaw surgery, or otherwise, the goal is to reach improved oral health and to maintain your newly improved smile. You may wonder – is there something you should be doing to ensure your transformation remains in excellent condition, so you may continue enjoying the benefits for years to come? Consider a few shockingly simple tips.

Tip #1: Don’t Forget Your Preventive Care

While you may feel like you’re on top of the world after you heal from your oral surgery, it’s important to remain a bit grounded. Protecting the work you have had done primarily rests on your dedication to continuing your preventive care habits. Brushing twice daily (and flossing once daily) will keep plaque and bacteria to a minimum, so teeth, gums, and any dental work remain undisturbed. Of course, twice annual visits to your general dentist are also of the utmost importance.

Tip #2: Always Call If You Have A Question

Do you have a question for us after your oral surgery? Whether you cannot remember a particular instruction we presented or if something doesn’t feel quite right with your oral cavity, we urge you to contact us. We will speak with you or schedule a visit.

Tip #3: Follow Up – Even If Everything Seems Wonderful

Did we schedule a follow-up visit with you but you feel so happy with your oral surgery results that you dismiss this appointment and choose to cancel? While everything might look and feel A-OK, it is extremely important that we see you after your procedure. This provides you with immense protection, as we can detect any minor concerns immediately and redirect you to ensure your oral health remains intact.


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