Oral Cancer Awareness Month

As April approaches, you may have your schedule full of a variety of events and tasks to check off. We encourage you to think ahead by scheduling time to visit our practice to learn a bit more about oral cancer, what it is, and all about the screenings that help prevent it. By becoming familiar with this oral disease, you can say goodbye to fear and hello to empowerment. Allow us to provide you with some additional details, so you may begin becoming familiar with how to keep your oral health safe.

Why Oral Cancer Screenings Are Important

Before cancer officially forms, changes occur in the lining of your mouth – changes we can identify long before symptoms become obvious to you. As a result, we have the technology necessary to diagnose and treat oral cancer before it progresses. Unfortunately, when dealing with cancer, the further it advances, the more difficult it becomes to treat.

About Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are quick, comfortable, and efficient. In general, a screening includes the use of a scope that illuminates changes in your mouth’s lining that we cannot recognize with our eyes alone. It’s really that simple.

Why So Much Focus On This Health Issue?

Oral cancer is something many patients prefer to avoid speaking about because, like any form of cancer, it is scary. Unfortunately, this disease claims lives on a daily basis. As a result, the more awareness we can raise, the earlier abnormalities will be detected because patients will feel confident about prevention, rather than worried. Please feel free to ask your questions during your next visit, so we can shed more light on this important topic.


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