Q&A: How “Real” Are Dental Implants?

When it comes to seeing patients for dental implant consultations, we are often met with questions about how “real” implants are. Are they just like natural teeth? How are they different? These, of course, are wonderful questions to ask us. The good news is that in general, implants offer exceptional replacements for those dealing with tooth loss. As for the details, we would like to begin explaining how genuine they seem by answering some frequently mentioned questions.

Questions and Answers: Implants

Question: Will dental implants feel like real teeth? I have had dentures before and they didn’t feel at all like natural teeth.

Answer: Patients generally report that implants feel much more realistic than prostheses like dentures or bridges. For those with a single implant, they can often not recognize the difference between real and artificial teeth. While implants do not feel identical to natural teeth, they do offer some sensation. It is the closest you will get to the replication of your natural teeth.

Question: Will I get used to the feeling of my new smile once I receive dental implants?

Answer: Yes. It’s important to remember that any restoration will feel strange for the first few days and that your mind will then become accustomed to the change. From wearing braces to receiving a crown, it’s simply a matter of recognizing there will be a brief adjustment period.

Question: Is a dental implant and restoration just as strong as my natural tooth?

Answer: This is the second best option to retaining your natural teeth – and it’s quite a close second. As for your crown, enamel is one of the hardest substances on earth, making it difficult to copy. Fortunately, porcelain or zirconia is extremely durable. The implant post’s titanium is extremely strong and biocompatible, so it may very well last the rest of your life. By taking care of your tooth replacement, its parts may last for multiple decades if not longer.


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