When Is A Patient Ready For Implants?

As you may have guessed, a lot of factors come into play when deciding whether a patient is ready for dental implants. Do you feel ready? Perhaps you are interested in this teeth replacement option but you have questions. Maybe you are not sure whether you are financially ready for the investment. Consider a few areas of concern that we focus on when guiding you toward – or away from – choosing implants.

Your Schedule

Does your schedule permit dental implants? If you are just learning about this option, you may not recognize that the full process is somewhat lengthy. The end results are worth the effort. However, if you have an extremely packed schedule or require immediate replacement of lost teeth, you may not be ready for implants. On the other hand, if you can work the appointments and recovery into your schedule, you may be ready.

Your Oral And General Health

First, you need a healthy, full jawbone if you want dental implants. If your jaw is not ready because of damage or deterioration, you may be able to prepare by agreeing to bone grafting. You will also discover that you must be ready for surgery. If you are physically unfit for surgical procedures, it may not be time at the moment to move ahead with implants.

Your Budget

Deciding whether you’re ready for the investment is something you will need to spend a bit of time figuring out. Are you going to pay out of pocket? Does your insurance offer any coverage? Have you set up a payment plan? You’re only ready once you are certain you can make dental implants work for you and your life.


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