Q&A: Implants And Water Flossers

Has a friend recently mentioned that you might want to try a water flosser during dental hygiene sessions instead of relying on floss to clean between and around dental implants? If so, you may only have a vague idea of what this flosser is and even less of an instinct regarding whether you may use one. While we always encourage you to speak with us about options for best practices regarding your home care, we would like to introduce you to this topic. By answering questions, we can explain why this device is often a beneficial choice.

Questions and Answers: Water Flossers

Question: What is a water flosser? I have heard this term before but I don’t really understand. Is it like floss?

Answer: This device includes a water basin and a hand-held, small wand. The wand shoots a stream of powerful water from its tip – in some instances, the flosser may come with a variety of attachments. You may clean between and around teeth and implants with the water flosser to remove plaque and food particles, which is the same thing dental floss accomplishes.

Question: Is it okay to use a water flosser on my dental implants?

Answer: Yes, it can be extremely beneficial to use this alternative to dental floss around your implants. A special attachment for an implant may also make your experience that much more successful. However, remember to start off with gentle water pressure and never attempt to place the wand itself between or beneath teeth – just rely on the water.

Question: Is a water floss a better option?

Answer: Not necessarily. It is important that you discover the best, most comfortable flossing option for your dental implants. Whatever works for you to remove plaque and food is the right choice.


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