3 Ways Implants Protect Your Appearance

You probably think a lot about the fact that dental implants will make life more comfortable and that you’ll have your smile back. However, do you give much thought to the very specific ways replacing missing teeth with implants will positively impact your appearance? If not, we encourage you to consider three particular cosmetic benefits you can expect from this decision – some may surprise you!

#1: They Fill Open Spaces And Protect Alignment

Essentially, choosing dental implants will completely restore your smile, so it is whole once more. Think about what this actually means! First, it means that when you smile, nobody will see embarrassing open spaces. Next, it means that those open spaces will not give way to misalignment – instead, you will simply be able to show off the same (if not better) smile you did before your tooth loss.

#2: They Restore Lower Facial Fullness

Now, think about what your lips look like with an intact smile. Next, visualize your lips without anterior teeth – your lips sink in, causing you to look much older than your true age. Your teeth provide support to your lower facial fullness. Replacing teeth with dental implants will mimic your natural teeth, so you look youthful again.

#3: They Prevent Facial Collapse

This one is quite significant! When you choose dental implants, you’re choosing to protect your jaw from deterioration. This is because implants stimulate your jaw tissue. Before tooth loss, this was a function that your roots were performing. By protecting your jaw, you avoid the shrinking of your bone structure that can lead to facial collapse. As a result, your face will remain full and supported.


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