Answering Questions About Tooth Extraction

Typically, you can avoid dental issues from forming with excellent hygiene and regular preventive dental care. Sometimes, however, circumstances can lead to your tooth becoming a liability to the rest of your oral health, and preserving the tooth isn’t the best solution (or even possible). While losing a tooth is usually not ideal, tooth extraction may be necessary to save the rest of your teeth and oral tissues. If you’ve been told you need tooth extraction, but still have questions, then we can help you by answering a few short questions.

Why would my dentist recommend tooth extraction?

Your dentist should be as invested in your continued good oral health as you are, and will therefore try to protect and preserve your healthy, natural teeth whenever possible. If your dentist recommends tooth extraction, then it is likely because your tooth cannot be saved with other restorative dental options.

Why are wisdom teeth more challenging to extract than others?

Wisdom teeth, which are the most frequently extracted teeth, are not always as simple to extract as other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are blocked from completely erupting through the gums, and therefore your dentist can not simply grasp the tooth and gently loosen it. For impacted wisdom teeth, surgical tooth extraction is often necessary.

How can I be sure tooth extraction is the best solution for me?

Because the ultimate goal is to keep your smile bright and healthy for life, your dentist will thoroughly inspect your tooth and oral health before suggesting extraction. The best way to know if tooth extraction is best is for your dentist to ensure that your tooth cannot be saved with restorative dental treatment.


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