Dental Implants: Facts Versus Fiction

When you’re trying to decide whether you feel good about the idea of choosing dental implants for your oral health – or if perhaps they aren’t the best selection for your needs – you may find yourself bogged down by conflicting details. One website says one thing, one friend says another: How do you tell the fact from the fiction? For the final word on what is factual, we are your most reliable source, so schedule a consultation and ask your questions! For the time being, find out how well you’ve been sorting the facts from the not-quite-so-true.

Fact or Fiction: Implants

Fiction: Dental implants are the most expensive treatment for tooth loss. Anything else (whether a bridge or denture) will cost you less in the long run.

Fact: Actually, this often confuses patients. It is factual that implants will generally cost you more when you initially pay for the treatment. However, in the long run they are often the most friendly toward your wallet because they need few to zero repairs and can last for the remainder of your life.

Fiction: Dental implants are only a good choice if you have tried other tooth replacement options like bridges but have not enjoyed them.

Fact: You don’t need to test the waters with other replacements. If implants fit your needs, choosing them immediately can offer additional benefits, such as jawbone health protection.

Fiction: If you want dental implants, be ready to discover that candidacy is very difficult to achieve.

Fact: Many, many patients qualify for implants. Even individuals who do not at first qualify (such as those with jawbone deterioration) may be able to become candidates by first receiving treatment like bone grafting.


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