Dental Implant Rumors Quiz

What’s what when it comes to the truth about dental implants? Do you feel like the moment you expressed just a tiny bit of interest in implants, everyone around you suddenly become an expert on the topic? If so, unless you were speaking with our team about the details, your colleagues, best friend, and favorite aunt may have been filling your head with a lot of information that you cannot quite feel good about. To find out whether any of these rumors have made their way to your personal data bank of details, we encourage you to take a quiz to sort out the truth from the not-so-accurate.

Quiz: Implant Rumors

  1. True or False: Even though the restorations for dental implants are made of artificial tissue, they can still develop cavities like your natural teeth.
  2. True or False: You can only choose implants if you want to replace one tooth at a time, even if that means you’re replacing a full arch of missing teeth with individual replacements.
  3. True or False: An implant is one single unit that replaces your entire tooth.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. Natural tissue is vulnerable to acid and the bacteria in your mouth, which can lead to decay and erosion. Artificial tissue is not. As a result, though it’s important to continue caring for your smile, prosthetic devices will not develop cavities.
  2. False. One major benefit of dental implants is the fact that you can replace multiple teeth at once by choosing implant-supported prosthetics like a partial or full denture.
  3. False. It’s accurate that choosing implants will guide you toward complete tooth replacement (including restoring missing roots). However, the implant only replaces your roots. It’s the abutment (connector) and restoration (false tooth or teeth) along with the implant that complete the replacement.


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