Your Dental Implant Review

You probably notice as you become more and more familiar with dental implants that there are many categories of information to give your full attention. You might focus on the technical details of the journey at one moment and then shift your attention to the esthetic benefits. Next, you might spend some time concentrating on the oral health benefits that implants provide before doing a complete 180 and considering what makes this prosthetic solution so cost effective. To help you get your ducks in a row, so to speak, we offer some helpful categories to review as an accessible, helpful “at a glance” view of implants.

The Esthetic Benefits

Dental implants offer a wealth of esthetic improvements to your smile. First, the easiest to detect: They will complete your grin by replacing the teeth that are missing. Fortunately, implants also look completely natural, so you will simply look as though you have your teeth back.

The Oral Health Benefits

In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, dental implants can improve and also safeguard your oral health. They will achieve a number of benefits, including preserving the alignment of your teeth, stimulating your jawbone (which protects you against deterioration and bone resorption), and they can re-balance your bite.

The Journey

The journey with implants is unique for every patient. We can provide you with more specific details in person. In general, you can expect a multi-month to yearlong journey from start to finish, which will include surgery, recovery, and restoring your implants.

The Investment

The investment in dental implants may seem more substantial than alternative options (like a denture) in the present moment. Fortunately, you may wish to consider their cost-effectiveness over the course of their life – they have the potential to wear forever without the need for any repair or additional costs.


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