Goodbye Dental Implant Month, Hello New Smile!

Dental Implant Month, which occurred throughout August, is over! It’s now September but that doesn’t mean your motivation for replacing your teeth should dwindle. Instead, it means it’s time to get a bit more serious about whether you see implants in your future or if it’s time to consider other options. Of course, as far as we are concerned, every month is a month to celebrate implants, so let’s spend a moment examining whether they’re right for you with a little help from the AAID.

What’s The AAID?

This is the abbreviation for the American Academy of Dental Implants. Did you know that since 1951 this organization has been committed to the study and advancement of implants, helping individuals attain complete, lasting smiles after tooth loss? Fortunately, they have provided a few simple questions to act as a guide for patients trying to figure out whether implants are a solid choice for the future. Let’s explore those inquiries!

3 Questions From The AAID

In celebration of the recent Dental Implant Month, we offer up a few questions similar to those posed by the AAID (which we will follow with a little extra information to help you think about your answers):

  1. Question: Do you want your smile to appear natural? Fortunately, implants appear extremely natural because they are 100 percent stable and we will restore them with lifelike crowns or other prosthetics.
  2. Question: Do you want your smile to be easy to deal with? Good news: Implants are the most stable possible solution for replacing a missing tooth. Your life will return to its pre-tooth-loss level of ease and quality.
  3. Question: Are you hoping for a smile that you can feel proud of? Nobody will know you’re wearing implants, you won’t be able to tell much of a different, you’ll be able to eat the foods you love, and speaking will become free of effort.


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