Implants: Questions You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask

We find there are many questions that have made an appearance at our practice, some of which are quite frequent and others that only seem to come up every now and then. This leads us to believe that there are those common questions patients feel comfortable asking about dental implants and then those that patients want to ask (but feel too shy to bring up). As we always say, we welcome your every inquiry, even if it’s a little embarrassing. We would like to help you get started with feeling comfortable enough to mention your thoughts by providing you with some of those things our patients are often hesitant to bring up (but that are wonderful questions).

Q&A: Questions About Implants

Question: Do I have to get one implant at a time?

Answer: No. You have a lot of options here. You may receive one dental implant if it’s what you need or what you’ve chosen. You may receive more than one single implant to replace multiple teeth. Or, you may receive multiple implants to support a bigger prosthetic (like four implants to support a denture that replaces a full arch of teeth).

Question: Will the dental implant end up damaging nearby teeth? Is it going to fit correctly?

Answer: Your implant will fit beautifully in an effort to maximize function and beauty. We will place it strategically to protect nearby teeth and your entire smile.

Question: Is it too late for me? I want dental implants but I experienced my tooth loss a long time ago. I’m worried I’ll be wasting my time by investigating implants any further.

Answer: It’s always best to come in. Dental care offers exceptional options when it comes to helping a patient qualify for implants. Seeing us is the first step toward a complete smile.


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