Protect Your Implants With Safe Flossing

After your smile is restored with dental implants, you may discover that flossing your smile is a bit different than it used to be. You continue flossing your natural teeth the way you always have but getting down around your implant brings with it the need for a new technique. When this moment presents itself, you have two options: Choose not to floss around your implants and promote problems with your oral health or become familiar with the best practices for safe, effective flossing to keep your smile healthy. (Hint: We have some very helpful advice!).

Why This Is So Important

If you have received dental implants, you have already heard all about peri-implantitis. Much like gingivitis, it’s the inflammation of your gum tissue, which can lead to infection and disease of your periodontal tissues. The result? It can cause you to lose your implant. To avoid this problem, you need not only to brush consistently and to remain committed to professional visits for cleanings and checkups. Flossing is also extremely important for keeping bacteria and debris away from your gum tissue.

Things You Should Know

You should know that it’s going to become extremely easy to floss your smile, even around your dental implants. Once you get the hang of any minor changes, it will feel completely natural and you will begin flossing on “autopilot” again. As for helpful tips, consider the following:

  • Talk with us. If you are having trouble or don’t remember what to do, we will explain and demonstrate.
  • Don’t re-use floss. This means don’t wash floss off and use it again. It also means, don’t use the same segment of floss around your implant that you just used between two teeth.
  • Remember to floss between teeth as well as beneath your dental crown, moving the floss back and forth to ensure successful cleaning.


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