A Friendly Holiday Reminder

We are well into the month of November, which means plans for the holidays are taking shape, thoughts of cozy winter celebrations are soon to become a reality, and the last thing on your mind is probably your oral health. While we certainly appreciate some well-earned time off and revelry, we have many years of experience that lead us to offering up this very important reminder: Make exceptional use of your free time over the holidays (if you’ve got it) by remembering to plan necessary oral surgery or dental treatments. We’ll even take it one step further with some specific ideas.

Wintertime Wisdom Teeth Removal

Does someone in your household require wisdom teeth removal? The wintertime is a fine time to schedule this type of oral surgery. If you’ve had yours out already but your child (a teenager or young adult) has not, take advantage of this respite from school and extracurricular scheduling obstacles.

Pre-Party Prep For Implants

Are you wishing you’d received dental implants by now because you’re thinking about holiday parties and you’re experiencing a bit of dread? Don’t worry. Now is as good a time as ever to come in to talk with us about planning for implants, so we can begin soon or just after the holidays have passed. The holiday season for 2017 will be a very exciting time to look forward to as a result!

Extractions During Time Off

Perhaps you are planning an extraction and tooth replacement but you just haven’t been able to find the time to come in and the time to recover conveniently. Winter is often a wonderful option if you have extra time. Call us!

Anything Else You Might Need!

Need something else? Perhaps there is another oral surgery treatment on your mind but you have procrastinated a bit. Not a problem! Come in during the end of 2016 for your treatment, so you start 2017 off with a healthy smile.


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