Helping Your Children Avoid Tooth Loss

Are you on your way toward addressing your tooth loss with dental implants? Do you feel a mix of emotions, both elation at the thought of a complete smile that will be all yours again and the urge to help others avoid losing their teeth? This commonly arises when we meet with patients who talk with us about what they can do to help their children enjoy a smile that lasts a lifetime. Whether you have teen or adult kids, nieces, nephews, or otherwise whose smiles you would like to help protect, we are happy to offer some suggestions you can easily pass along.

Don’t Go Years Without Dental Care

Happy to receive dental implants but you’d be even happier if someone you love could go a lifetime without tooth loss? Let them know that coming in for dental care can help prevent everything under the sun from going wrong. It is the best way to keep your teeth in place for life.

If You Do Go Years Without It, Don’t Be Embarrassed To Come Back

It’s not uncommon for us to hear someone say, “I haven’t seen a dentist in 15 years! I never thought about it when I was younger.” While we don’t suggest staying away, we want all patients to remember that it’s always better to come in to begin receiving professional care once again than to continue avoiding it. There’s no benefit to staying away but there’s a wealth of care and improvement that begins with one visit.

Don’t Play At Dental Hygiene

Playing around at dental hygiene instead of caring for one’s smile can ultimately lead to tooth loss and a need for replacements like dental implants. Remind those with young (and old!) smiles that daily care is truly the foundation of a healthy smile. As simple and insignificant as it can seem, dental hygiene is actually extraordinary at preventing the very long list of complications that can arise and lead to tooth loss.


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