Why An Extraction: New Perspectives

You might commonly find yourself going over and over the same information when you wonder why you need a dental extraction. However, you may also find yourself grappling with a way to categorize the many smaller particular details that comprise a very long list regarding why removal is best in certain situations. We offer up some new ways of thinking about extractions, so you more thoroughly understand their purpose.

Your Tooth Is Too Damaged

Think about the structure of your tooth. If it’s intact, this is a sign of health. If it is damaged, this is not. If the tooth is something that restorative care (a filling, root canal treatment, crown, or otherwise) can fix, then you can keep your tooth. If general dental treatments cannot fix it, a dental extraction may be necessary. (Don’t forget, we can replace missing teeth with implants!).

Your Tooth Is Going To Cause Harm

Now, think about the way your tooth affects your overall oral health. If it’s very decayed or infected, the problem can spread. If it’s pressing against other teeth (such as in the case of an angled wisdom tooth), it can damage your smile. In this instance, a dental extraction is often necessary.

Your Tooth Is In The Way

Perhaps your tooth is simply in the way. This is commonly an issue with long-term orthodontic plans (maybe your smile suffers from overcrowding) and tooth replacement (perhaps one tooth stands in the way of your prosthetic dentistry plans). Extracting the tooth is beneficial to the long-term health of your smile.

Your Tooth Is Too Difficult To Maintain

A wisdom tooth in the very back of your smile that is healthy when it comes in but that you can barely reach to floss and brush? It might be too hard to protect. This is a very good reason for an elective dental extraction.


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