Why is Surgical Tooth Extraction Necessary?

When you think of tooth extraction, you might imagine your dentist gently grasping a tooth and carefully loosening and removing it. However, some tooth extraction procedures aren’t as simple, depending on the nature and severity of the tooth’s damage or infection. In some cases, surgical tooth extraction may be necessary to safely remove the tooth, and the procedure is more complex than simple tooth extraction. While impacted wisdom teeth are the most common reasons for surgical extraction, other teeth might also require surgery, such as if the tooth is broken into several pieces.

What is Surgical Extraction?

Unlike simple tooth extraction, surgical extraction involves accessing the tooth’s structure underneath the gums by making a small incision in the tissues. Through the incision, your oral surgeon can safely extract the tooth and its root(s) without damaging nearby tissues and jawbone structure. Because surgery is involved, you may need sutures afterwards to allow your gums to heal properly before replacing the tooth.

When Surgery is Needed

Surgical tooth extraction is only recommended when the procedure is absolutely necessary. For instance, in the case of impacted wisdom teeth, the molars can fail to erupt from the gums and/or jawbone, making it impossible for your dentist to grasp the tooth. Surgically extracting the impacted wisdom tooth will stop the molar from damaging nearby teeth and oral structures. Besides wisdom teeth, however, other common reasons for surgical tooth extraction include:

  • Thin or oddly shaped teeth roots
  • Broken or fractured teeth roots
  • Teeth that are severely infected with internal decay
  • Teeth that have broken into several different pieces
  • And more


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