Why Tooth Loss Happens To Good People

Are you feeling a little frustrated as a result of your tooth loss? Are you perfectly happy that you have oral surgery options like dental implants at your disposal but you are still unsure why you’re dealing with missing teeth, while other people you know never seem to experience much more than a cavity? It’s important to remember that there are a lot of little factors that go into preserving your teeth, that sometimes losing a tooth just happens, and that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let us help you sort through the details, so you can move forward with optimism about your future smile.

It Could Be Physiological

The way your body works includes all sorts of things, from your genetic makeup to the balance of your hormones and more. Sometimes, certain factors make you more likely to experience problems that can lead to tooth loss (such as gum disease, a problem that can increase due to genetics or hormones). Some people (an extremely small percentage) are immune to developing cavities. As you can see, requiring dental implants or other tooth replacement solutions is something that may result in part from your unique body.

It Could Be Your Care

When you are a child, you are not in control of your dental hygiene or professional dental care. If practices are consistent in early years, you start off your life with a healthy smile. If not, you may experience gum disease, tooth decay, or other issues that set the stage for a more complex experience in later years. When you are a teen and adult, you may take wonderful care of your smile or you may become lax with your efforts. Any damage that occurs may contribute to eventual tooth loss. When you put all of these factors together, it may help you better understand the way different smiles often have drastically different experiences!


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