So, What Exactly Is A Dental Crown?

You probably hear us talk about restoring dental implants with dental crowns, you might hear this term in reference to other types of treatments, and you may even already have several in your smile! While you can make some educated guesses based on helpful context clues, that doesn’t mean you have a clear image (or understanding) of what a crown is and why it’s a part of your smile. We encourage you to take in some of the basics of this prosthetic, so you can more easily digest information in the future.

The Crown Essentials

A dental crown is a seemingly simple yet extremely beneficial dental prosthetic. It’s a hollow tooth that is made of artificial tissue. When you look at it, the crown simply looks like an empty tooth. That because that is essentially what a crown is. You see, we use crowns to replicate your natural crown (the part of your tooth you see that juts out above your gumline). Crowns provide a protective cover or tissue replacement, depending on your oral health needs. Remember that crowns are fully customized, including dimensions, shape, and color.

When We Use Them

For the most part, we use dental crowns at our practice to restore dental implants. This means that after you receive an implant post to replace missing roots, you have recovered, and it’s time to finish the tooth replacement, we secure a crown over the post. Then, voila! Your replacement is complete.

You Might Already Have One (Or More)

Even if you don’t have dental implants, you may already have one or more crowns in your smile. Your general dentist may have placed one over a tooth in need of serious coverage and protection. This is often the case due to a large cavity, a broken tooth, or after root canal treatment.


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