Solutions To Your Fears About Dental Implants

Of course, just about anything you choose to do in your life comes with some minor amount of risk. While this is true for choosing dental implants, as well, you will discover that this is not something we (or any dental professional) takes lightly. Instead, we are prepared with precautions to ensure the placement and success of your implants has the highest chance of going off without a hitch! As for your specific worries associated with the “what-if” factor, we are happy to make our way through a common list (in addition to the solutions you’re ready to receive).

Fears and Solutions

Fear: What if my oral tissues just don’t heal properly? Is there a chance of infection like there is with most surgery?

Solution: The risk of this happening is extremely slim! It is very important to keep in mind that we have a wealth of available medications at our disposal for which we can quickly address any sign of infection. In addition, remember that following our pre- and post-surgery suggestions (like avoiding cigarettes) is extremely effective.

Fear: What if I don’t have enough jawbone? Are you going to have to suddenly stop the surgery?

Solution: Before you receive dental implants, we perform a thorough examination not only of the part of your smile that we can see but also the part we cannot see. We rely on digital imaging for a clear picture and understanding of what’s going on with your oral tissues including your jawbone. As a result, we will know well in advance if your jaw is ready, if you need bone grafting, and we can plan from there.

Fear: I’m worried that I’m going to make my way through the somewhat time-consuming process of receiving dental implants but it will fail.

Solution: The success rate is 98 percent, so follow our suggestions and the implant should be just fine.


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